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Real Stories is an excellent place to hear a good story! It’s said that everyone has a story in them and I’m sure that’s true. Look at the popularity of the blog sites. Real people sharing their everyday stories.

Real has real stories starting from birth, through childhood, college, parenting and other reality subjects.

Birth stories are one of the most popular real story categories. You hear of the most fantastic stories of women delivering their own babies, having babies in the back of cars or in a cab. One of the strangest stories is of a woman who is rushed to the hospital experiencing severe pain and delivers a child a couple of hours later. One woman even had to do a c-section on herself to save her infant child. Most births are normal and take place where a mother and child can receive the care they need. Sometimes something goes horribly wrong and all the family can do is to depend on good medical care and prayer.

Christmas stories are well loved and usually deal with people who are at the lowest point in their life but get a second chance. Real Stories always give hope and promotes the possibility of miracles. The ends of Christmas stories are most always happy endings. Some of the best Christmas stories are real stories about divine intervention of God to allow redemption and second chances.

Another type of real stories is the Great Sports Stories. We have stories of the impact on a player to someone who is in need of encouragement. We have stories of the basket that won the game, or the base hit that brought in the winning run. The Hail Mary pass has won a few important football games. Real stories of athletes can be harmful as well. When we hear of steroid abuse, wild parties and infidelity then it affects how we feel about those athletes. They serve as role models for our children and have a responsibility to their fans. More important, they get to live the dream of a lifetime with fans going wild and listening to the cheers of the crowd. It proves you can fulfill your dreams.

Especially funny are the Haircut Stories. Most involve children and scissors in their own hands or in the hands of their siblings. They are so proud but they still have to have someone straighten out the results. There are some horror haircut stories, the new bride going for a haircut a few days before the wedding with a new hairdresser, or a child coming home from a parental visitation weekend with a horrible haircut, or their long hair chopped off to above their ears. And when our young men with long hair enter the armed forces, they suddenly find their head gets cold!

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