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Birth Stories

Every mother has her share of birth stories. It's almost a competition, who had the longest labor, who had the most painful labor and delivery. The birth stories differ as much as the moms and babies themselves.

The most extreme and rare birth stories are the ones where mom goes into labor and for one reason or another is alone and unable to get to the hospital. Making the story even more intense is that no one can get to mom to deliver the baby. Mom might even have little children with her, as her only company. These women have no choice but to deliver their own babies. As if that is not incredible enough, there was even a story about a woman who actually had to perform a c-section on herself to save the life of her infant.

There are somewhat less dramatic birth stories where mom is on her way to the hospital but traffic or bad weather slow them down, and baby won't wait. They pull off to the side of the road either in their own car or a taxi, and someone else delivers the baby. The hero is usually the husband, the cab driver, or a police officer, and baby almost always is born healthy and safe.

There are birth stories that take place in the hospital where something goes wrong and despite the best medical care and doctors, the life of the baby is in peril and prayer is the only thing left that can help. In the end there is usually divine intervention and the baby is saved.

Another type of strange birth story is when mom doesn't even know she is pregnant and rushes to the emergency room with severe abdominal pains. A couple hours later she is giving birth to a healthy baby surprise.

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