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College Stories

College stories come in a variety of flavors, but one thing they have in common is that they are near to our hearts. They remind us of more carefree times in our lives. The last remaining years of our youth and freedom bring secret smiles to our lips, or tears to our eyes.

Some college stories are romantic. Once in a while you'll hear one about college sweethearts getting married. There are also college stories about affairs between students and professors, and more modern stories feature male students and female professors. These stories usually aren't told till many years after they've happened for obvious reasons.

A favorite kind of college story is about a very special professor who has a profound effect on the lives of his or her students. Usually there is one student in particular who is having a hard time, either with school, or with a personal crisis. The professor reaches out to the student in trouble and acts as a guide and a friend. The student finishes school and is forever indebted to the professor.

The other side of that coin is the college story about the student who is not even enrolled in the college. They hang around the school because of a sports team, or a job that they have at the school. The student has a lot of strikes against him, but has a special quality or gift that no one but one teacher seems to notice. Once again, the teacher takes an active interest, and in the end helps the student realize a secret dream.

Sometimes college stories are not so dramatic and may only be interesting to us because they involved us. Like a special class we've had, or our infamous spring breaks. One things for sure, we'll always remember our college stories.

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