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Diaper Stories

There isn't a mother anywhere that doesn't have her share of diaper stories to tell. Diaper stories are sure to almost always get a laugh or hearty “ick” at the end. One of the things that make these stories so funny is that they're real, and when you hear one you can picture it in your mind, and picture the teller of the story trying to deal with the situation.

There are a few classic scenarios that happen to almost everyone. For instance, the first time that Dad is alone with the baby and has to change the diaper. He will invariably put it on too loose, so that when he picks the baby up, the diaper will slip off. At the same time we can expect baby to let loose too, and now Dad has an even worse mess to clean up.

Another classic diaper story, involves little baby boys. You lay the baby down and take off the diaper not realizing that a diaper on a baby boy must also be used as a shield. There isn't a new parent anywhere that hasn't gotten it right in the face the first time they attempted a diaper change.

Then there are the diaper stories where you run out of diapers and must find an alternate covering. The funny thing about those stories is what the baby ends up wearing, for instance someone's new silk shirt or blouse. Even funnier is the reaction of the person who owns the new shirt or blouse when they see it on the baby's bottom.

Those of you who are dog owners know that some young dogs just can't resist a full diaper. This story is just titled Gross. The diaper changer is trying to get through the messy change without getting sick, when they put the full diaper aside to put the clean one on, here comes the dog dragging away the . . . Some diaper stories just shouldn't be finished, we'll leave the end of that one for your imagination.

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