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Great Sports Stories

Everyone loves great sports stories, and there are many. There is the classic story about the sick child in the hospital that only wants a couple home runs from his favorite ball player. The famous ball player promises he'll do it, but then has trouble delivering on his promise. The game is almost over and then just in time the ball player comes through, and the dying child is so happy he recovers. Well, maybe the story isn't that hokey, but you get the idea.

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Speaking of death, another great sports story features a beloved player who finds out he is dying. He's sure to be a very popular and well-liked person, not only to his fans, and family, but also commands the highest respect among his teammates. Near the end of the story the sports team in question salutes their dying comrade in a special way, and you find you need at least one full box of tissues before the end.

Then of course we have the inspirational great sports story, where someone who works with the team in some way, has only one dream, and that dream is to play at least just one game with the team. This person works very hard to prove himself worthy of the team, but simply is not team material. They don't give up though, they work even harder and harder still, till one day, the coach or the team decide to give him his chance. They usually are far enough ahead in the game for it to make much of a difference, but it doesn't matter to the hard worker. He gets to realize the dream of a lifetime, and the crowd goes wild with delight. Everyone leaves that great sports story with a warm feeling. Dreams can come true.

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