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Haircut Stories

You can expect either of two reactions from haircut stories. They tend to be funny or devastating. Not everyone realizes that people who cut hair for a living go through a lot of schooling to get their licenses, and although we all know a license doesn't always mean talent, it does at the least mean you know how not to ruin hair. At least that's what we've been told.

The funny haircut stories usually involve children. There are stories about kids that want to surprise their moms by cutting their own hair. Mom and dad first see the child's hair and are in shock, and what makes it even funnier is that the child is so proud of themselves and really thinks they did a good job. Other similar haircut stories throw in an older sibling who does the cutting. Mom usually has to fix the child's hair even though the children couldn't be prouder of what they've done.

Another type of haircut story involves a child who has long hair or long bangs, and mom takes her to have the hair cut very short. How about the little girl with the short bangs that now has to figure out how to cover the rest of the bare forehead, and finds moms eyebrow pencil.

There are of course horror haircut stories. For instance the bride that decides it's a good idea to go to a new hairdresser and have her haircut a couple days before her wedding. The bride in this story has a picture of her new haircut in her mind, but doesn't describe it correctly to the haircutter. When the hairdo is styled and dried, it's nothing like the bride wanted, and it's too close to the wedding to be fixed.

Let's not forget about our young men with long hair entering one of the armed forces. They leave that haircut with a shaved head and suddenly complain about drafts.

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