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Job Interview Stories

Job interview stories are sometimes priceless. We like them very often because we can identify with them. Who hasn't had a job interview where something didn't go as planned? Maybe we like those stories because we're secretly glad it happened to someone else and not us. The more embarrassing to the job seeker the funnier the story. Several situations come to mind. How about the job seeker that steps into a pile of doggie do on their way and is so nervous about the interview that they don't notice. The entire interview is spent with the employer sniffing and making faces looking around to see where the foul odor is coming from. Finally, the job seeker smells it too, and discovers the mess on their shoe. To make matters worse they then realize that they've been sitting on that shoe and now it's on their clothes and the employer's chair. It's a safe bet that job is given to someone else.

There are all kinds of embarrassing things that can happen in a job interview story. Noticing that your shoes don't match and trying to hide them. Having your baby spit up on your shoulder and being the last to notice, or how about the job interview story where you go through the entire interview with a big piece of spinach between your teeth.

Job interview stories can only go downhill from there. For instance, have you ever interviewed for an office job and not realized you were talking to the head of the maintenance department? Or to make matters worse, have you ever been on the wrong floor or the wrong building entirely? You could be running back and forth like an idiot so you won't be late, while the office you're supposed to be at is right in front of you.

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