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Love Stories

Find a Perfect Match

Love stories, also known today as chick flicks, are very popular among woman and young girls. At one point or another in their lives women want to be swept off her feet. Who hasn't dreamt about someone loving you so much they'd be willing to give their life for you. This is the knight in shining armor type story. He comes riding into your life and is handsome, noble, and true, and even better he can't seem to take his eyes off you. He will protect and defend your honor till the very end if need be.

Another classic type of love story is the couple is in love but one of them is dying from an incurable disease. You wait for a magical cure or a donor of some kind, but it never comes and the couple is separated by death. That kind of story requires at least one full box of tissues. The funny thing is that men say they hate those stories and will not watch or read or even want to hear about them. If you do get a man to experience the love story, you'll probably find that he is taking it even harder than his counterpart, but in our society he's got to pretend something flew in his eye.

There are also happy love stories, and funny love stories. These stories can be very popular also because they tell of two people who just happen to run into each other. In the beginning they might not even like each other, but through a series of humorous circumstances they are thrown together and in the end, realize that they love each other. We tend to like those kinds of stories because they tell us that sometimes love is just around the corner, and sometimes it's right under your nose.

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