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Survival Stories

Survival stories are one of the most interesting types of story. They are filled with suspense as you wonder how the main characters will ever get out of their deadly situation. Many of these stories are ones that you hear about in the news. For instance one that comes to mind is about the mountain climber who is alone and is trapped by a rockslide. His arm is crushed and caught between two huge boulders. No one knows where he is and of course no one goes even near where he's at.The days go by, and he realizes if he doesn't get free soon he will die. He tries every way possible to free his crushed limb, but nothing even moves an inch. His only option is to cut his own arm off. He survives.

There are survival stories where people are attacked by wild animals, sharks, or other people. Stories about being trapped by bad storms, weather, and sometimes their own cars.

The important part of survival stories is that the main character must find the strength deep inside themselves to keep alive long enough for help to arrive. In these stories there is no help available or the help that is on the scene is not able to save them without additional help.

Survival stories can take place in a matter of minutes. For example, someone could be trapped underwater; they could be in their car that went over the bridge into the river. They might have been swimming and now some seaweed catches their leg and they must keep their wits about them to get out of it. Survival stories can also take place over many years maybe even a lifetime. Men and woman survived concentration camps and came home to tell of their horrible experiences. There are also people, who as children were mistreated and tortured, and live to tell about it.

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