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Wedding Night Stories

Wedding night stories are varied and don't seem to follow a pattern. If cavemen got married, their wives would probably tell wedding night stories about being dragged across the dirt floor of the caves by their hair, and the not so gentle hairy mates of theirs. This kind of story would be told over and over for quite some time.

By the 1900's wedding night stories evolved into the classic first time stories. The husband is always thought to be experienced, while the wife is not just nervous, but scared out of her mind. Things were not usually openly discussed and most certainly were not taught in school. These brides were probably also very surprised on their wedding nights.

Modern wedding night stories are very different today, as is our culture, but not different in the way that you might think. Most people today celebrate the wedding night way before the wedding, sometimes on the first or second date. Moreover, a lot of couples elect to live together before they are officially married. Most modern wedding night stories don't even involve sex. Brides and grooms are so tired after the big day; most of them either cuddle and count their wedding gifts and fall asleep, or are on their way to their honeymoons. These stories are about missing flights, taxi's with flat tires, and stolen travelers checks. These stories also usually have a lot of tenderness in them, while the bride and groom discuss the wedding itself, and share feelings about how nervous they both were before that long walk down the aisle.

Every once and a while there are tragic wedding night stories. Either someone has died at the wedding, or one of the couple themselves has had a horrible accident. There was even a story where the bride's sister pinned a corsage on her for the honeymoon trip and then hugged her tight to say goodbye. The pin from the corsage pierced the bride's chest and collapsed her lung. Her wedding night was spent alone in the hospital.

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